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Tired of all those other life simulating games that just leave you wanting more?

Look no further! Here, life is good!

Life Simulator is the most in-depth, content-packed life simulating game available.

Tired of your real life? When you simulate life, you can be whatever you want to be.

Want to be a rocket scientist, working for NASA? Want to be a senator?

How about surgeon general?

Go to school and get a high-level degree! There are many different career paths

and over a hundred items to collect!

You can do it all, and more, when you play Life Simulator by Protopia Games.

Life simulation is a fun and addicting way to make your life whatever you want it to be!

You can pursue a noble profession, like one of the above, or you can turn to a life

of criminality. Rob banks and run a Ponzi scheme if that's what you really want!

Be careful, though. Being a criminal comes with risks!

Random events do occur, as in real life, and there is no way to prevent them.

Sometimes they're good (find some money on the ground), and sometimes they're bad (get a disease).

All the other life simulators out there just don't hit the mark for me.

I set out to create a game that you can play to pass the time while you're doing what you've

always wanted to do.

As in real life, the fastest and best way to make a ton of cash is to run a business or

play the stock market. You can even blow all your money gambling at the casino!

Competing life simulation games are one-note bores, wouldn't you agree?

Our life simulator is different. There are thousands of lives to live,

and the game goes on forever!

An aspect that's a bit different from real life is the ability to choose when you die. When you do this, you lose all of your progress. But don't fear!

When you die, your score is calculated based on how successful you were, and how

many times you've died before. A multiplier will be applied to your next life based on this score.

Each life is better than the last, if you play your cards right.

If you mess up big-time, there's always a reset button.

It's better than real life, it's better than your life, it's simulated life!

Download now, and leave a review if you enjoy the game!

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